Star Wars The Old Republic Opening Cinematic08:31

Star Wars The Old Republic Opening Cinematic

Sith Lightsabers You may think every lightsaber is the same as any old lightsaber, but any true Star Wars geek at least knows that 'sabers almost always look different from someone else's lightsaber.  Some Sith 'sabers are extra special and have spikes or sometimes they have two blades which is really cool. Others, such as count dooko's have a curved hilt. A curved hilt can help with power and contorl, but sometimes will limit your abiity to reatreat and advance quickly.  Some lightsabers signifie two hand hand grip, such as Darth Vader's lightsabers.
Bane light
Sith lightsaber
Here are some awesome 'sabers.     
Saber -1

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