Basic force powersEdit

Both Jedi & Sith use the force.  Now, some people think the Sith are overpowered, and some think the Jedi are weak.  'What is the true answer to this?', you may think. The answer is that the Jedi are weak.  Now back to the force powers, Sith use a lot more powers.  Under is list of my personal top 10 force powers and the reasons why they are in that place.

10.   Repulse: Repulse is here because it is powerful (it sends a powerful force push like ray in all derections), and it is un-avoidable.

9.    "Super Push": "Super Push" is a larger, more powerful version of force push that has a slightly larger range and is super powerful.

8.    Lightning: Force lightning sends powerful energy bolts in all forward derections.

7.    Grip: force grip is the basic force power, but is very very powerful and useful in the right hands.

6.    Saber throw: Saber throw is using the force to aid a throw of your light sabers.  again in the right hands it is very powerful.

5.    Lightsabers: If you are reading this you probably know what a lightsaber is but it is here because you have to use the force to use lightsabers to their full ability.

4.    Choke:  telekenetically chokes oponent.  Good, but slow.

3.     Force wave: Like repulse but limits the push to the ground.  Only at it's full use when you are surrounded.

2. Jump: Jump is a force asisted jump that makes you jump way higher (you usually fit a flip or two in with the jump so you look cool) but never the less, only good for escaping and avoiding.

1. Mind Trick: Force mind trick is a way of persuading someone using the force. Not very useful in combat and only works on the week minded.